It is an online game, in which you make your teams (selections of 8 athletes) and compete against other players, you can play completely free and get prizes.

First of all, thank you for visiting this simple, entertaining, fun, friendly, and family-friendly website.


    It is a very simple Game, in which with a budget of 2,000 points, you can make a team of 8 Components (The Ideal Team) with the Athletes registered in each of the different Competitions (See 2023 Games), Compete against other teams of players registered in the same championship, and if you have chosen athletes more points scored than the rest, you can get great corresponding prizes in each competition.

   You can PLAY COMPLETELY FREE (opting for the stage / race winner prize), OR if you wish, with OPTION TO THE PRIZES THAT ARE DISPUTED and that are published in each competition through a voluntary contribution that ranges between 1 or 6 euros, according to the type of championship, for the reason of having gifts in their rankings.
   In DECARRERAS MANAGER TEAM, there are the same rules for everyone, you play for free or with a voluntary contribution. You will have to select yourself and fine-tune your only 8 components, with which you will end up really loving them. You will suffer with their accidents, their withdrawals or their bad results, and you will vibrate with their victories.

   There are no annual subscriptions, in each game it is allowed to register a Completely Free team, and if you wish, the ones you want through Voluntary Contribution opting for the prizes that are published, that simple.

   This allows us in cycling to enjoy TWO PARALLEL COMPETITIONS IN THE SAME GAME, Those who play COMPLETELY FREE and who opt for stage victories, and those who play Through VOLUNTARY CONTRIBUTION who also opt for the prizes that are published in each game (See Prizes in each Game).

   In DECARRERAS MANAGER TEAM, you will find games of professional competitions such as Moto GP World Championship, and Cycling, the Best Classics, Giro d'Italia, Tour de France, Vuelta España among others.

   Simple and easy, with no advantages or disadvantages over other players, just choose between the proposed athletes and enjoy their results.

   You will remain eager for the different races, stages or days to arrive, to know the results of your chosen ones, and throughout the duration of the competition, you will be informed through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and on this website, how your teams are classifying.

   Enter the Sub-pages of each Game to see all the information of each one of them. All games are in (2023 Games)

This site is for those of us who follow the Sport of Racing, both cycling and MotoGP, to enjoy it in a different way, feeling in a small way accomplices of the Athletes in their classifications.

    The objective of Decarreras Manager Team is that over time, build a group of loyal users who know how to enjoy this additional incentive to that of the competitions themselves and understand the good intention in the development of our game.

   Live the excitement of the selection prior to the beginning of each competition, and with the aim of winning the prizes in each game (which we all like to win) and that they understand that with a small contribution, the games can be much more fun for all, in addition to supporting its continuous improvement.

    We can have a laugh with friends and family, to see which team scores the most points, and enjoy the races before the start with the creation of your team, and after they are finished, watching the rankings.

      I hope you like it!

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