1º- In this game you can only participate online.

     1.1 All games are shown on the GAMES 2023 Sub-page on the website.

2º- To participate you must complete a user file, and once created
your token, you access the games that are active at the time of play.


2.1 Within the user account, it shows the games in which the team registration period is open, and the user's balance.

2.2 Once inside the selected game, you can create your teams in 3 different ways:
       1 Completely free (only allows to create a single team)
       2 Using a code awarded in previous games (If you have awarded codes for that game, it allows you to use them and create a team with each code that will be eligible for the prizes published in that game)
      3 By voluntary contribution to qualify for the prizes (discounting the amount of the contribution from the user's balance.

      2º.3 Within the selected game, all the teams that take place in that game are registered. The teams will remain in the <open> state so that they can be modified and readjusted (My Teams section within the user) until the start of the competition.

     2º.4 In the event that any runner selected by you, for any reason causes WITHDRAWAL BEFORE THE START OF THE COMPETITION, this runner will be replaced by another runner from the same team, in this case, IF THE USURER DOES NOT CHANGE IT IN HIS TEAM, this new runner WILL OCCUPY the same Game Number and Value assigned to the previous one, and this new runner would be the one who will add up the points for his team.

The teams, once created, can be modified as many times as desired (My Teams Section within the user) until the start of the competition, once the competition begins it is impossible to modify them.

Once the competition starts, the teams are automatically blocked and changes are no longer possible.

    Note: if a team registered for a game undergoes an athlete change and is not readjusted by the team owner, the team owner will participate in the game with the changes made by the program.

        3.1 There are 3 Forms of Play.

                1st COMPLETELY FREE (each player can register a free team in each game, playing completely free you can get prizes, see in the game the PRIZES section OF THIS GAME.

                2nd THROUGH AWARDED CODE (If you have been the winner of any stage/race in previous games, which gave out winning codes, you are assigned a winning code with which you can register a team for each code for free and that team opts for the prizes published in that game without no cost to the user). In the Motogp game, 1 eu is increased, directly in your balance to be able to register equipment in another GP, at no cost to the user.
               3rd THROUGH VOLUNTARY CONTRIBUTION (each game has published the amount that must be contributed for the registration of each team, these teams are eligible for the prizes published in the game, see PRIZES FOR THIS GAME)

        3.2 Once you choose the game to which you want to register a team, choose one of the 3 game modes that are offered. Start choosing between the 8 riders shown until you complete the components of your team.
Indicate the name you want to give your team.

       3.3 In the option of COMPLETELY FREE GAME, only
You can enroll only one team per user.

      3.4 In the case of choosing option 2, GAME WITH AWARDED CODE, it will only allow you to register teams if you have awarded codes (obtained in stages of previous games), these are already assigned to your user account and exclusively for use in that game .

     3.5 In the case of wanting to participate THROUGH VOLUNTARY CONTRIBUTION, it is essential to have a BALANCE equal to or greater than the value of the team to be registered. With this option you can register as many teams as you want.

     3.6 CONTRIBUTIONS to increase balances can be made in 2 ways:

      - Using BIZUM   

      - Through PAYPAL  

  ***In both cases you must indicate the user's email.

     We use these 2 platforms because they offer the GREATEST GUARANTEE and SECURITY for the user, and they do not require the insertion of personal data

    3.7 Users NOT from Spain, use PAYPAL for contributions 

    3.8 The user can request the partial or total payment of their balance, by sending an email to


There are two parallel competitions in the same game: those that play completely free that are eligible for stage / race victories. And those who play through award-winning codes or voluntary contribution that opt ​​for stage / race victories and also the prizes published in each game.

5º- Choose the components of the team only among the Cyclists / Pilots that are proposed in the list.

6º- The deadline to make the team opens just at the moment that the organization publishes the list of participants, in Cycling games between 3 - 4 days before the start of the first stage / race, and in MotoGP with more than 15 days in advance because the list of pilots is known well in advance.

7º- Decarreras MT will create a list of valued athletes.

8º- Athletes will be valued with symbolic values,
which does not have to be consistent with their subsequent returns.

9º- Choose 8 Cyclists / Pilots from the list that is proposed and that among the 8 they do not exceed the cost of 2,000 points, which is the amount that is available for making your team. If you wish, you can not reach 2,000 points, but the program does not allow you to exceed this figure.

10º-  NOTE FOR MOTOR GAMES: When in a Grand Prix, (for example MotoGP) only the race of the maximum category MotoGP is disputed and NOT the races of Moto2 and Moto3, only the disputed race will be scored, not having options to score the pilots of the other categories.


        11.1 At the end of each event, points will be distributed to the Athletes (see score tables).
        11.2 Each user will accumulate points depending on the
Athletes you have chosen.
       11.3 Team time trials (in Cycling games) will be scored.

       11.4 In the event of a tie, if there are prizes, the first team registered for the game will win (it is dictated by the team number assigned when registering)

      11.5 Scores.
The score tables are in the sections (HOW TO SCORE) within each game. Each game has its own score table, see in each game your way of scoring

       12.1 Those published on the organizer's official website will be considered official results. The rankings for this game will be based on those rankings.
      12.2 Once the race is over and the 5-day period has elapsed, the classifications that appear in Decarreras MT will be final.

13th- Expulsion from the race.

        13.1 If for any special reason, the organization expels a Cyclist / Rider from the race, said rider will keep the points obtained to date.

       13.2 From the moment that the Decarreras MT classifications are official, cases of disqualification will not have an effect on the classifications published by Decarreras MT.

14th- AWARDS

       14.1 In each competition there may be prizes.

       14.2 The published prizes will be for the participants with game form 2 and 3 (opt for the published prizes).

       14.5 The sending of physical prizes will be free exclusively to the Spanish territory including the Canary and Balearic Islands.

       14.6 In the event of a non-Spanish user being the winner of a game, we will resolve the how by email.

15º- Awards and Sponsored Classifications.

       15.1 Competitions may have sponsored rankings,
(sponsor donations, etc.).

        15.2 These sponsored classifications may have physical prizes or

      15.3 Each competition will have published on its subpage, the prizes
to which it is chosen.

16º- Note: Decarreras MT, will have the right to change this regulation, in an unforeseen situation,

17º- Privacy Law. in accordance with Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, Protection of Personal Data,
Decarreras MT is committed to giving adequate treatment to Personal information. Therefore, the data obtained by this website will not be used for anything else, nor they will be discussed with no other entity. Users will have
right at all times to correct, deny or oppose. Decarreras MT has adopted the technical and safety measures
necessary to avoid alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access to personal data, taking into account
at all times of the state of technology.

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